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IZL - Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Lehre

Universität Koblenz

Universitätsstr. 1, 56070 Koblenz
  • 0261/287-1552
  • 0261/287-1551
Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Adineh, Hadi; Galli, Matteo; Heinemann, Birte et al.

Challenges and Solutions to Integrate Remote Laboratories in a Cross-University Network.

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Burghardt, Martin; Ferdinand, Peter; Pfeiffer, Anke et al.

Integration of New Technologies and Alternative Methods in Laboratory-Based Scenarios

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Integrating Virtual Reality in a Lab Based Learning Environment.

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Zwerenz, Ruediger; Baumgarten, Carlotta; Dahn, Ingo et al.

Implementation of a Web-Based Work-Related Psychological Aftercare Program Into Clinical Routine: Results of a Longitudinal Observational Study


Beilstein, Marcell; Eunicke, Merlin; Ferdinand, Peter et al.

Open Badges for the accreditation of media-related competencies in higher education using the production of instructional videos as a case study

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Höhner, Nils; Rodewald, Julien; Oliver Mints, Mark et al.

The next step of digital laboratories: Connecting real and virtual world.

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Höhner, Nils; Katharina Hebborn, Anna; Müller, Stefan

Particle Filter Based Tracking and Mapping.

ISVC. 2018 S. 299 - 308

Katharina Hebborn, Anna; Höhner, Nils; Müller, Stefan

Occlusion Matting: Realistic Occlusion Handling for Augmented Reality Applications.

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Katharina Hebborn, Anna; Höhner, Nils; Müller, Stefan

Augmenting Surface Reconstructions.

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