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Eckard Helmers

Prof. Dr. Eckard Helmers

Umweltplanung/Umwelttechnik, Hochschule Trier

Postfach 13 80 , 55761 Birkenfeld

  • 06782/17-1819
  • 17
Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Helmers, Eckard; Chang, Chia Chien; Dauwels, Justin

Carbon Footprinting of Universities Worldwide Part II: First Quantification of Complete Embodied Impacts of Two Campuses in Germany and Singapore

Dauwels, Justin. Bd. 14. H. 7. MDPI 2022 3865

Helmers, Eckard

The Energy and Emissions Case and the Lifecycle Impact of Electric Cars

Parkhurst, Graham; Clayton, William (Hrsg). Electrifying Mobility: Realising a Sustainable Future for the Car. Bingley: Emerald Publishing Limited 2022 S. 33 - 50 (Transport and Sustainability, Vol. 15)

Helmers, Eckard; Chang, Chia Chien; Dauwels, Justin

Carbon footprinting of universities worldwide: Part I—objective comparison by standardized metrics

Dauwels, Justin. Bd. 33. H. 30. Springer 2021 S. 1 - 25

Weiss, Martin; Cloos, Kira; Helmers, Eckard

Energy efficiency trade-offs in small to large electric vehicles

Helmers, Eckard. Bd. 32. Springer 2020 S. 1 - 17

Kalverkamp, Matthias; Helmers, Eckard; Pehlken, Alexandra

Impacts of life cycle inventory databases on life cycle assessments: A review by means of a drivetrain case study

Pehlken, Alexandra. Bd. 269. Elsevier 2020 121329

Weiss, Martin; Irrgang, Lukas; Kiefer, Andreas T et al.

Mass-and power-related efficiency trade-offs and CO2 emissions of compact passenger cars

Helmers, Eckard. Bd. 243. Elsevier 2020 118326

Helmers, Eckard; Dietz, Johannes; Weiss, Martin

Sensitivity analysis in the life-cycle assessment of electric vs. combustion engine cars under approximate real-world conditions

Weiss, Martin. Bd. 12. H. 3. Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute 2020 1241

Weiss, Martin; Zerfass, Andreas; Helmers, Eckard

Fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars-An analysis of learning rates, user costs, and costs for mitigating CO2 and air pollutant emissions

Helmers, Eckard. Bd. 212. Elsevier 2019 S. 1478 - 1489