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Alexander Wiebel

Prof. Dr. Alexander Wiebel

Angewandte Informatik, Hochschule Worms

Erenburgerstraße 19, 67549 Worms, Raum: N 331

  • 06241/509-268
  • 06241/509-221
  • 0000-0002-6583-3092
Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Lilligreen, Gergana; Wiebel, Alexander

Near and Far Interaction for Outdoor Augmented Reality Tree Visualization and Recommendations on Designing Augmented Reality for Use in Nature

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Lilligreen, Gergana; Henkel, Nico; Wiebel, Alexander

Near and Far Interaction for Augmented Reality Tree Visualization Outdoors

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Mulawade, Raju Ningappa; Garth, Christoph; Wiebel, Alexander

Saliency Clouds. Visual Analysis of Point Cloud-oriented Deep Neural Networks in DeepRL for Particle Physics

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Diller, Florian; Scheuermann, Gerik; Wiebel, Alexander

Visual Cue Based Corrective Feedback for Motor Skill Training in Mixed Reality: A Survey

Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. Bd. To Appear. IEEE 2022 S. 1

Pettersen, Helge Egil Seime; Aehle, Max; Alme, Johan et al.

Investigating particle track topology for range telescopes in particle radiography using convolutional neural networks

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Lilligreen, Gergana; Marsenger, Philipp; Wiebel, Alexander

Rendering Tree Roots Outdoors: A Comparison Between Optical See Through Glasses and Smartphone Modules for Underground Augmented Reality Visualization

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Rambach, Jason; Lilligreen, Gergana; Schäfer, Alexander et al.

A survey on applications of augmented, mixed and virtual reality for nature and environment

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Wiebel, Alexander; Keuchel, Sascha; Eckenfels, Magnus et al.

Challenges of and Recommendations for Combining 6-DOF Spatial VR-Interaction with Spherical Videos

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (Hrsg). TechRxiv. Piscataway: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 2020 10 S.