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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Bruckmüller

Sozial-, Umwelt- und Wirtschaftspsychologie, Universität Koblenz-Landau

Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Bruckmüller, S.; Steffens, M.C.; Methner, N.

Can Accepting Criticism Be an Effective Impression Management Strategy for Public Figures? A Comparison with Denials and a Counterattack

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Bruckmüller, Susanne; Ryan, Michell; Rink, Floor et al.

Beyond the Glass Ceiling: The Glass Cliff and Its Lessons for Organizational Policy

Social Issues and Policy Review. Bd. 8. 2014 S. 202 - 232

Abele, Andrea; Bruckmüller, Susanne


Wörterbuch der Soziologie. Stuttgart: UTB 2014 S. 471 - 475

Abele, Andrea; Bruckmüller, Susanne

The ‘Big Two’ of agency and communion in language and communication

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Bruckmüller, Susanne; Ryan, Michelle; Rink, Floor et al.

The glass cliff: Examining why women occupy leadership positions in precarious circumstances

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Abele, Andrea; Bruckmüller, Susanne; Wojciszke, Bogdan

You are so kind – and I am kind and smart: Actor–observer differences in the interpretation of on-going behavior.

Polish Psychological Bulletin. Bd. 45. 2014 S. 394 - 401

Hegarty, Peter; Bruckmüller, Susanne

Asymmetric explanations of group differences: Experimental evidence of Foucault’s disciplinary power.

Social and Personality Psychology Compass. Bd. 7. 2013 S. 176 - 186

West, Keon; Bruckmüller, Susanne

Nice and easy does it: How perceptual fluency moderates the effectiveness of imagined contact

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Bd. 49. 2013 S. 254 - 262

Bruckmüller, Susanne

Singled out as the effect to be explained: Implications for collective self-esteem.

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Bd. 39. 2013 S. 237 - 249

Hegarty, Peter; Bruckmüller, Susanne

Teaching & Learning Guide for Asymmetric Explanations of Group Differences: Experimental Evidence of Foucault's Disciplinary Power

Social and Personality Psychology Compass. Bd. 7. 2013 S. 701 - 705