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Markus Neuhäuser

Prof. Dr. Markus Neuhäuser

FB Mathematik und Technik, Hochschule Koblenz

Joseph-Rovan-Allee 2, 53424 Remagen, Raum: RheinAhrCampus, C 219

  • 02642/932-417
  • 02642/932-399
Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Schenk, Alina; Neuhäuser, Markus; Ruxton, Graeme D. et al.

Predictors of pre-European deforestation on Pacific islands : A re-analysis using modern multivariate non-parametric statistical methods

Forest Ecology and Management. Bd. 493. Amsterdam: Elsevier 2021 119238

Humphreys, Rosalind K.; Neuhäuser, Markus; Ruxton, Graeme D.

Turn alternation and the influence of environmental factors on search routes through branched structures by ladybirds (Coccinella septempunctata and Adalia bipunctata)

Behavioural Processes : an international journal of comparative and physiological ethology. Bd. 182. Amsterdam: Elsevier 2021 104292

Haidari, Zaki; Wendt, Daniel; Thielmann, Matthias et al.

Intraoperative Hemoadsorption in Patients With Native Mitral Valve Infective Endocarditis

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Neuhäuser, Markus; Kraechter, Julia M.; Thielmann, Matthias et al.

Substantially inflated type I error rates if propensity score method is not fixed in advance

Communications in Statistics : Case Studies, Data Analysis and Applications. Bd. 6. H. 3. London: Taylor & Francis 2020 S. 307 - 313

Liakopoulos, Oliver J; Slottosch, Ingo; Wendt, Daniel et al.

Surgical revascularization for acute coronary syndromes : a report from the North Rhine-Westphalia surgical myocardial infarction registry

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Liakopoulos, Oliver J.; Schlachtenberger, G.; Wendt, Daniel et al.

Early Clinical Outcomes of Surgical Myocardial Revascularization for Acute Coronary Syndromes Complicated by Cardiogenic Shock : A Report From the North‐Rhine‐Westphalia Surgical Myocardial Infarction Registry

Journal of the American Heart Association. Bd. 8. H. 10. New York, NY: Association 2019 e012049

Ruxton, Graeme; Neuhäuser, Markus

Striving for Simple but Effective Advice for Comparing the Central Tendency of Two Populations

Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods : JMASM. Bd. 17. H. 2. Detroit, Mich.: Wayne State University 2019 eP2567

Welz, Anke; Ruxton, Graeme D.; Neuhäuser, Markus

A non-parametric maximum test for the Behrens–Fisher problem

Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation : JSCS. Bd. 88. H. 7. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis 2018 S. 1336 - 1347

Sotiropoulos, Georgios C.; Spartalis, Eleftherios; Machairas, Nikolaos et al.

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