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Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jean-Frank Wagner

Geowissenschaften - Geologie, Universität Trier

Behringstraße, Raum: F 219

  • 0651/201-4648
  • 0651/201-3915
Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Klaes, Björn; Wörner, Gerhard; Thiele-Bruhn, Sören et al.

Element mobility related to rock weathering and soil formation at the westward side of the southernmost Patagonian Andes

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Kukemilks, Karlis; Wagner, Jean-Frank

Detection of Preferential Water Flow by Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Self-Potential Method

Applied Sciences. Bd. 11. H. 9. MDPI AG 2021 S. 4224

Khorshid, Mohammad Said Hamma; Kruse, Jens; Semella, Sebastian et al.

Phosphorus fractions and speciation in rural and urban calcareous soils in the semiarid region of Sulaimani city, Kurdistan, Iraq

Environmental Earth Sciences. Bd. 78. H. 16. Springer Science and Business Media LLC 2019 S. 1 - 14

Thapa, Vishojit Bahadur; Waldmann, Danièle; Wagner, Jean-Frank et al.

Assessment of the suitability of gravel wash mud as raw material for the synthesis of an alkali-activated binder

Applied Clay Science. Bd. 161. Elsevier BV 2018 S. 110 - 118

Kukemilks, Karlis; Wagner, Jean-Frank; Saks, Tomas et al.

Physically based hydrogeological and slope stability modeling of the Turaida castle mound

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Wagner, Jean-Frank; Tabe Arrey Egbe, Tommy

Sewage sludge ash as cement replacement in concrete blocks.

Proceedings SUM2018, Fourth Symposium on Urban Mining. Italy: CISA Publisher 2018 S. 1 - 6

Kukemilks, Karlis; Wagner, Jean-Frank; Saks, Tomas et al.

Conceptualization of preferential flow for hillslope stability assessment

Hydrogeology Journal. Bd. 26. H. 2. Springer Nature 2017 S. 439 - 450

Tijani, Moshood. N.; Wagner, Jean-Frank; Nton, M. E.

Clay shale materials as low cost landfill liners: an integrated geochemical and geotechnical assessment

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Pimolthai, Pattaraporn; Wagner, Jean-Frank

Soil Mechanical Properties of MBT Waste from Luxembourg, Germany and Thailand.

Songklanakarin J. Sci. Technol. Bd. 36 (6). H. Nov. - Dec. 2014. Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. 2014 S. 1 - 9