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Hans-Jürgen Arends

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Jürgen Arends

Institut für Kernphysik, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Joh.-Joachim-Becher-Weg 45, 55099 Mainz, Raum: Institut für Kernphysik

  • 06131/39-25194
  • 06131/39-22964
Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Maghrbi, Y.; Krusche, B.; Ahrens, Jürgen et al.

Coherent photoproduction of pi(0)- and eta-mesons off li-7

The European physical journal : A. Bd. 49. H. 3. Berlin u.a.: Springer 2013 Art. 48

Schmidt, A.; Achenbach, Patrick; Ahrens, Jürgen et al.

Erratum : test of low-energy theorems for h-1((gamma)over-right-arrow, pi(0))h-1 in the threshold region

Physical review letters. Bd. 110. H. 3. College Park, MD: APS 2013 039903

Oberle, M.; Krusche, B.; Ahrens, Jürgen et al.

Measurement of the beam-helicity asymmetry i-circle dot in the photoproduction of pi(0)-pairs off the proton and off the neutron

Physics letters : B. Bd. 721. H. 4-5. Amsterdam: Elsevier 2013 S. 237 - 243

Pheron, F.; Ahrens, Jürgen; Annand, J. R. M. et al.

Coherent photoproduction of η-mesons off 3He : search for η-mesic nuclei

Physics letters : B. Bd. 709. H. 1/2. Amsterdam: Elsevier 2012 S. 21 - 27

Kashevarov, Victor; Fix, A.; Prakhov, S. et al.

Experimental study of the gamma p → pi (0)pi(0) p reaction with the Crystal Ball/Taps detector system at the Mainz microtron

Physical review : C. Bd. 85. H. 6. Woodbury, NY: Inst. 2012 064610

Zehr, F.; Krusche, B.; Aguar, Patricia et al.

Photoproduction of pi(0)pi(0)- and pi(0)pi(+)-pairs off the proton from threshold to the second resonance region

The European physical journal : A. Bd. 48. H. 7. Berlin: Springer 2012 98

Krimmer, Jochen; Aguar Bartolomé, Patricia; Ahrens, Jürgen et al.

A polarized He-3 target for the photon beam at MAMI

Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research : A. Bd. 648. H. 1. Amsterdam: North-Holland Publ. Co. 2011 S. 35 - 40

Berghäuser, H.; Metag, V.; Starostin, A. et al.

Determination of the η-transition form factor in the γp→pη→pγe+e− reaction

Physics letters : B. Bd. 701. H. 5. Amsterdam: North-Holland Publ. 2011 S. 562 - 567

McNicoll, E. F.; Prakhov, S.; Strakovsky, I. I. et al.

Experimental study of the γp→ηp reaction with the Crystal Ball detector at the Mainz Microtron (MAMI-C)

Physical review : C. Bd. 84. H. 2. Woodbury, NY: American Institute of Physics 2011 029901

Ahrens, Jürgen; Altieri, S.; Annand, J. R. M. et al.

Measurement of the helicity-dependent total cross-section for the γ n → p π− π0 reaction

European physical journal : A. Bd. 47. H. 3. Berlin: Springer 2011 11036