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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erwin O. Alt

Institut für Physik, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Staudingerweg 7, Raum: 2/412

  • 06131/39-22874
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Mukhamedzhanov, A.M.; Alt, E.O.; Avakov, G.V.

ARTICLES - Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction, Few-Body Systems - Momentum space integral equations for three charged particles: Nondiagonal kernels (30 pages)

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Alt, E.O.; Kadyrov, A.S.; Mukhamedzhanov, A.M.

Atomic and molecular collisions and interactions - Three-body approach to proton-hydrogen charge exchange and elastic scattering

Physical review. Bd. 60. H. 1. Melville, NY: AIP 1999 S. 314 - 322

Alt, E.O.; Csörgo, T.; Lörstad, B. et al.

Coulomb corrections to the three-body correlation function in high-energy heavy ion reactions

Physics letters. Bd. 458. H. 2. Amsterdam: North-Holland Publ. 1999 S. 407 - 414

Alt, Erwin O.; Alt, E. O.

The Coulombian Few-Body Problem

Few-Body Systems, Suppl. 10. Bd. Few-Body Systems, Suppl. 10. 1999

Alt, E.O.; Mukhamedzhanov, A.M.; Sattarov, A.I.

Nuclear Physics - Calculation of Proton-Deuteron Elastic Scattering at 10 MeV with a Realistic Potential

Physical review letters. PRL ; providing rapid publication of short reports of important fundamental research with coverage of major advances in all aspects of physics and developments with significant consequences across subdisciplines. Bd. 81. H. 22. Rige, NY: American Physical Society 1998 S. 4820 - 4823

Alt, E.O.; Kadyrov, A.S.; Mukhamedzhanov, A.M.

Approximate triangle amplitude for three-body charge exchange processes

Physical review. Bd. 53. H. 4. Melville, NY: AIP 1996 S. 2438 - 2442

Alt, Erwin O.; Alt, E. O.; Sandhas, W. et al.

Collision theory for two-and three-particle systems interacting via short-range and Coulomb forces

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Alt, Erwin O.; Alt, E. O.; Irgasiev, B. F. et al.

Coulomb breakup of fast light ions with taking into account three-body Coulomb effects

7 Tr. J. of Physics. Bd. 7 Tr. J. of Physics. 1996 S. 111-124

Alt, E.O.; Kadyrov, A.S.; Mukhamedzhanov, A.M.

Triangle amplitude with off-shell Coulomb T matrix for exchange reactions in atomic and nuclear physics

Physical review. Bd. 54. H. 5. Melville, NY: AIP 1996 S. 4091 - 4105