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Guldner, Achim; Hoffmann, Maximilian; Lohr, Christian et al.

A framework for AI-based self-adaptive cyber-physical process systems.

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Casel, Katrin; Fernau, Henning; Grigoriev, Alexander et al.

Combinatorial Properties and Recognition of Unit Square Visibility Graphs.

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Mangler, Juergen; Grüger, Joscha; Malburg, Lukas et al.

DataStream XES Extension: Embedding IoT Sensor Data into Extensible Event Stream Logs.

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Schultheis, Alexander; Hoffmann, Maximilian; Malburg, Lukas et al.

Explanation of Similarities in Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning by Visualization.

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Vu, Martin; Fernau, Henning

Insertion-Deletion with Substitutions II: About the Role of One-Sided Context.

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Grüger, Joscha; Malburg, Lukas; Bergmann, Ralph

IoT-enriched event log generation and quality analytics: a case study.

it Inf. Technol. Bd. 65. H. 3. 2023 S. 128 - 138

Malburg, Lukas; Schultheis, Alexander; Bergmann, Ralph

Modeling and Using Complex IoT Time Series Data in Case-Based Reasoning: From Application Scenarios to Implementations.

ICCBR Workshops. 2023 S. 81 - 96

C. Law, Yuen; Wehrt, Wilken; Sonnentag, Sabine et al.

Obtaining Semi-Formal Models from Qualitative Data: From Interviews Into BPMN Models in User-Centered Design Processes.

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Didimo, Walter; Gupta, Siddharth; Kindermann, Philipp et al.

Parameterized Approaches to Orthogonal Compaction.

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