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Fachbereich Informatik und Mikrosystemtechnik

Hochschule Kaiserslautern

Amerikastr. 1, 66482 Zweibrücken
  • 0631/3724-5301
  • 0631/3724-5305
Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Flohr, Lukas A.; Schuß, Martina; Wallach, Dieter P. et al.

Designing for passengers' information needs on fellow travelers: A comparison of day and night rides in shared automated vehicles

Applied Ergonomics. Bd. 116. Elsevier 2024 104198

Nowduri, Bharat; Schulte, Steven; Jolfaei, Negin A. et al.

Advanced Biomimetic Nanostructured Microelectrode Arrays for Enhanced Extracellular Recordings of Enteric Neurons

Advanced Materials Interfaces. Bd. 10. H. 16. Wiley 2023 S. 1

Hasnain, Ahmar; Tarasov, Alexey

Graphene‐Based Electronic Biosensors for Disease Diagnostics

Graphene Field‐Effect Transistors. online: Wiley 2023 S. 71 - 101

Nowduri, Bharat; Britz-Grell, Anette; Saumer, Monika et al.

Nanoimprint lithography-based replication techniques for fabrication of metal and polymer biomimetic nanostructures for biosensor surface functionalization

Nanotechnology. Bd. 34. H. 16. IOP 2023 165301

Elfert, Patrick; Berndt, Julia; Dierkes, Louisa et al.

A Novel Digital Nutrition Diary for Geriatric Patients at High Risk of Frailty Syndrome

Nutrients. Bd. 14. H. 3. MDPI AG 2022 400

Sachs, Ian; Fuhrmann, Marc; Deferme, Wim et al.

Determination of Layer Morphology of Rough Layers in Organic Light Emitting Diodes by X‐Ray Reflectivity

Engineering Reports. Bd. 0. John Wiley & Sons 2022 12594

Fuhrmann, Marc; Musyanovych, Anna; Thoelen, Ronald et al.

Determination of the dielectric constant of non-planar nanostructures and single nanoparticles by electrostatic force microscopy

Journal of Physics Communications. Bd. 6. H. 12. IOP 2022 125005

Theis, Martin; Bill, Tobias; Knoll, Heiko et al.

Electrochemical Deposition of CoP and CoNiP as Hard Magnetic Scales in a Position Measurement System

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Fischer, Rene-Pascal; Schnicke, Frank; Beggel, Bastian et al.

Historical Data Storage Architecture Blueprints for the Asset Administration Shell

IEEE (Hrsg). 2022 IEEE 27th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA). Stuttgart: IEEE 2022

Pagliano, Simone; Marschner, David E.; Maillard, Damien et al.

Micro 3D Printing of a Functional MEMS Accelerometer

Microsystems & Nanoengineering. Bd. 8. Springer Science and Business Media LLC 2022 105