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Jung, Patrick; Briegel-Williams, Laura; Werner, Lina et al.

A direct PCR approach with low-biomass insert opens new horizons for molecular sciences on cryptogam communities

Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Bd. 1. American Society for Microbiology 2024 S. 1

Weber, Fabian; Maul, Moritz; Juner, Florian et al.

A nonlinear lifetime prediction method for un‐ and low alloyed steels by damage determination based on non‐destructive measurement techniques

Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures. Bd. 0. Wiley 2024 S. 1 - 18

Behrendt, Tom; Ibanez Quisilima, Jessica; Bielitzki, Robert et al.

Brain-Derived neurotrophic factor and inflammatory biomarkers are unaffected by acute and chronic intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic exposure in geriatric patients: A randomized controlled trial

Annals of Medicine. Bd. 56. H. 1. Informa UK 2024 2304650

Flohr, Lukas A.; Schuß, Martina; Wallach, Dieter P. et al.

Designing for passengers' information needs on fellow travelers: A comparison of day and night rides in shared automated vehicles

Applied Ergonomics. Bd. 116. Elsevier 2024 104198

Chakarala, Vamsi; Schuster, Jens; Shaik, Yousuf P.

Development and Characterization of Flax-Gypsum Composites

Journal of Composites Science. Bd. 8. H. 1. MDPI 2024 S. 27

Papaiya, Vinay; Schuster, Jens; Shaik, Yousuf P.

Development of a Side Door Composite Impact Beam for the Automotive Industry

Open Journal of Composite Materials. Bd. 14. H. 1. Scientific Research Publishing Inc. 2024 S. 1 - 14

Konda, Gopi K.; Schuster, Jens; Shaik, Yousuf P.

Enhancing Stress Intensity Factor Reduction in Cracks Originating from a Circular Hole in a Rectangular Plate under Uniaxial Stress through Piezoelectric Actuation

Materials Sciences and Applications. Bd. 15. H. 1. Scientific Research Publishing, Inc. 2024 S. 1 - 14

Kopparthi, Nandavardhan R.; Schuster, Jens; Shaik, Yousuf P.

Fabrication and Characterization of Bamboo-Epoxy Reinforced Composite for Thermal Insulation

Open Journal of Composite Materials. Bd. 14. H. 1. Scientific Research Publishing Inc. 2024 S. 15 - 32

Schulte, Steven; Decker, Dominique; Nowduri, Bharat et al.

Improving morphological and functional properties of enteric neuronal networks in vitro using a novel upside-down culture approach

American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology. Bd. 0. American Physiological Society 2024 38193168

Zacher, Benjamin H.; Bauer, Andreas; Franck, Kai et al.

48 V Current Source Inverter with Bidirectional GaN eHEMT Switches for Low Inductance Machine Drives

25th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'23 ECCE Europe). Aalborg,: IEEE 2023