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Shaik, Yousuf Pasha; Schuster, Jens; Seemala, Srinivas et al.

3D Printing in High Ambient Pressure and Analysis of Parts Printed with Minimum or No Base Support

International Journal of Polymer and Textile Engineering. Bd. 9. H. 2. Seventh Sense Research Group Journals (SSRG) 2022 S. 17 - 24

Shaik, Yousuf Pasha; Schuster, Jens; Katherapalli, Harshavardhan Reddy et al.

3D Printing under High Ambient Pressures and Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Printed Parts

Journal of Composites Science. Bd. 6. H. 1. MDPI AG 2022 16

Elfert, Patrick; Berndt, Julia; Dierkes, Louisa et al.

A Novel Digital Nutrition Diary for Geriatric Patients at High Risk of Frailty Syndrome

Nutrients. Bd. 14. H. 3. MDPI AG 2022 400

Busch, Lukas; al Taleb, Zukaa; Tsai, Yu-Liang et al.

Amyloid Beta and its Naturally Occurring N-Terminal Variants are Potent Activators of Human and Mouse Formyl Peptide Receptor 1

Journal of Biological Chemistry. Bd. 296. H. 12. Elsevier B.V. 2022 102642

Bauer, A.; Schumann, C.; Urschel, S.

Analytical Calculation of Eddy Current related Losses and Parasitic Torque in PCB Windings

2022 International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM). Valencia, Spain: IEEE 2022 S. 1750 - 1756

Thurnes, Christian M.

Bausteine für ein Innovationsmanagement

Reuter, Bettina (Hrsg). Motorsport-Management: Grundlagen – Prozesse – Visionen. Berlin; Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2022 S. 263 - 283

Teng, Zhenjie; Wu, H.; Pramanik, S. et al.

Characterization and analysis of plastic instability in an ultrafine‐grained medium Mn TRIP steel

Advanced Engineering Materials. Bd. 1. Wiley 2022 S. 1

Becker, Vincent; Schneider, Michael; Antonino-Daviu, Jose A. et al.

Cloggage Detection of a Wastewater Pump based on Motor Current Analysis

2022 International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM). Valencia, Spain: IEEE 2022 S. 690 - 695

Sachs, Ian; Fuhrmann, Marc; Deferme, Wim et al.

Determination of Layer Morphology of Rough Layers in Organic Light Emitting Diodes by X‐Ray Reflectivity

Engineering Reports. Bd. 0. John Wiley & Sons 2022 12594

Hentschel, Claudia; Hiltmann, Kai; Huber, Norbert et al.

Development of an Ontology of Sustainable Eco-Friendly Technologies and Products Based on the Inventive Principles of the TRIZ Theory (OntoSustIP): Research Agenda

Nowak, Robert; Chrząszcz, Jerzy; Brad, Stelian (Hrsg). IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology. Cham: Springer International Publishing 2022 S. 367 - 381 (Systematic Innovation Partnerships with Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology (TFC))