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Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Shaik, Yousuf Pasha; Schuster, Jens; Katherapalli, Harshavardhan Reddy et al.

3D Printing under High Ambient Pressures and Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Printed Parts

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Elfert, Patrick; Berndt, Julia; Dierkes, Louisa et al.

A Novel Digital Nutrition Diary for Geriatric Patients at High Risk of Frailty Syndrome

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Characterization and analysis of plastic instability in an ultrafine‐grained medium Mn TRIP steel

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Paper, Michael; Glemser, Matthias; Haack, Martina et al.

Efficient Green Light Acclimation of the Green Algae Picochlorum sp. Triggering Geranylgeranylated Chlorophylls

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. Bd. 10. Frontiers Media SA 2022 S. 1

Theis, Martin; Bill, Tobias; Knoll, Heiko et al.

Electrochemical Deposition of CoP and CoNiP as Hard Magnetic Scales in a Position Measurement System

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Gastrointestinal involvement in Parkinson’s disease: pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management

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Scherer, Kai; Soerjawinata, Winda; Schaefer, Susanne et al.

Influence of wettability and surface design on the adhesion of terrestrial cyanobacteria to additive manufactured biocarriers

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Shaik, Shameem Akthar; Schuster, Jens; Shaik, Yousuf Pasha et al.

Manufacturing of Biocomposites for Domestic Applications Using Bio-Based Filler Materials

Journal of Composites Science. Bd. 6. H. 3. MDPI AG 2022 78

Schaefer, Florian; Rosar, Jan; Wu, Haoran et al.

Obtaining a lower estimate of the fatigue limit of metals by a simplified quantitative thermometric approach in a low-cost one-specimen test

International Journal of Fatigue. Bd. 159. Elsevier BV 2022 106729