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Financial Economics, Frau Prof. Dr. Isabel Schnabel

International Economics / Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Hakenes, Hendrik; Schnabel, Isabel

Bank Bonuses and Bail-outs

Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking. Bd. forthcoming. 2013 S. 1

Friedrich, Christian; Schnabel, Isabel; Zettelmeyer, Jeromin

Financial integration and growth : why is Emerging Europe different?

Journal of international economics. Bd. 89. H. 2. Amsterdam u.a.: Elsevier 2013 S. 522 - 538

Barth, Andreas; Schnabel, Isabel

Why banks are not too big to fail : evidence from the CDS market

Economic policy. Bd. 28. H. 74. Oxford u.a.: Wiley-Blackwell 2013 S. 335 - 369

Hakenes, Hendrik; Schnabel, Isabel

Bank size and risk-taking under Basel II

Journal of banking and finance. Bd. 35. H. 6. 2011 S. 1436 - 1449

Hakenes, Hendrik; Schnabel, Isabel

Capital regulation, bank competition, and financial stability

Economics letters. Bd. 113. H. 3. 2011 S. 256 - 258

Gropp, Reint; Hakenes, Hendrik; Schnabel, Isabel

Competition, risk-shifting, and public bail-out policies

Review of financial studies. Bd. 24. H. 6. 2011 S. 2084 - 2120

Körner, Tobias; Schnabel, Isabel

Public ownership of banks and economic growth : the impact of country heterogeneity

Economics of transition. Bd. 19. H. 3. 2011 S. 407 - 441

Bonin, John P.; Schnabel, Isabel

The great transformation : from government-owned to foreign-controlled banking sectors

Economics of transition. Bd. 19. H. 3. 2011 S. 397 - 405

Hakenes, Hendrik; Schnabel, Isabel

The regulation of credit derivative markets

Dewatripont, Mathias (Hrsg). Macroeconomic stability and financial regulation : key issues for the G20. London: Centre for Economic Policy Research 2011 S. 113 - 127