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Sonja Wengoborski

Dr. Sonja Wengoborski



Wengoborski, Sonja; Singh, Jaspal Naveel
Creating the City of Delhi. Stories of Strong Women and Weak Walls.
Petersen, Hans-Christian (Hrsg). Spaces of the Poor. Perspectives of Cultural Sciences on Urban Slum Areas and Their Inhabitants.. Bielefeld: Transcript 2013 S. 147 - 168
Wengoborski, Sonja
"Vagakīma" - The responcibility of the writer in the context of modern Sinhalese literature, and the question of responsibility from the exaple of literary texts of Sinhalese and Hindi literature
Meisig, Konrad (Hrsg). Techno-Ethics. Humanities and Technology: Papers of an International and Interdisciplinary Symposium in Mainz and Hanoi.. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2013 S. 237 - 251
Wengoborski, Sonja
Exploring the space between the possible and the impossible : observations from contemporary South Asian literature
Meisig, Konrad (Hrsg). Utopias from Asia : an Asian impact activity in memoriam of Momoyo Okura. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2012 S. 99 - 108
Wengoborski, Sonja
Utopias from Asia : Santiniketan, 16 to 17 November 2011
Internationales Asien-Forum. Bd. 42. H. 3-4. Freiburg: Arnold Bergstraesser Institut 2011 S. 403 - 405
Wengoborski, Sonja
Die zeitgenössische singhalesische Kurzgeschichte
Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2010 0 S. (Beiträge zur Indologie; 43)