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Institut für Physik

FB 08 - Physik, Mathematik und Informatik / Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

55099 Mainz
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Ergebnisse pro Seite:  10

Krimmer, Jochen; Aguar Bartolomé, Patricia; Ahrens, Jürgen et al.

A polarized He-3 target for the photon beam at MAMI

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Pimenov, A.; Hartinger, CH.; Mayr, F. et al.

Broadband infrared conductivity in an YBa2Cu3O6.7 thin film

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George, Sebastian; Blaum, Klaus; Block, Michael et al.

Damping effects in Penning trap mass spectrometry

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Eliseev, S.; Roux, C.; Blaum, Klaus et al.

Octupolar-excitation penning-trap mass spectrometry for Q-value measurement of double-electron capture in 164Er

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Kretzschmar, Martin

On the phase dependence of the interconversion of the motional modes in a Penning trap by quadrupolar excitation

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Meise, F. M.; Rivoire, J.; Terekhov, Maxim et al.

Design and evaluation of a 32-channel phased-array coil for lung imaging with hyperpolarized 3-helium

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Elmers, HJ; Schonhense, G

Ferromagnetism at the summit: A perspective on: "Spin polarized field emission from Fe and co-coated W tips" by YR Niu and MS Altman

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Magnetized boxes for housing polarized spins in homogeneous fields

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Stipp, A; Schope, HJ; Palberg, T et al.

Optical experiments on a crystallizing hard-sphere-polymer mixture at coexistence

PHYSICAL REVIEW E. Bd. 81. H. 5. 2010